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J1.   Miso Soup             $4.55          $7.95

J2.  Seaweed Salad        $4.95



J3.  Avocado Salad        $4.95



J4.  Chicken Avocado    $5.95

Dinner Portion with Miso Soup & White Rice

Tempura Entree


Shrimp Tempura   8pcs           $13.95

Chicken Tempura  8pcs           $12.95

Vegetable Tempura                   $12.95

Mixed Tempura                         $13.95


Pick Up Or Delivery (702)658-2467 / 2998

J5.    Edamame              $3.95

J6.  Gyoza                      $4.95

J7.   Shumai                   $4.95

J8.   Age Dashi Tofu      $5.95



J9.   Shrimp Tempura    $4.95

           2pcs   .           


Pick Up Or Delivery (702)658-2467 / 2998

Comes with Steamed or Fried

Shumai Salad &  Rice



J10.  Chichen Teriaki     $10.95

J11.  Salmon Teriaki      $10.95

J12.  Beef Teriaki           $10.95

J13.  Shrimp Tempura   $10.95

J14.  Chicken Katsu      $10.95

J15.  Tokyo Fried Chkn $10.95

J16.  Shrimp Teriaki       $10.95

J17.  Broiled Eel             $10.95 

Served with Tempura, California Roll,Soup, Salad, Rice, and Choice of Entree



J18.  Salmon Teriaki      $14.95

J19.  Tokyo Fried Chkn  $14.95

J20.  Broiled Eel             $14.95

J21 Beef Teriaki              $14.95

J22.  Chicken Teriaki      $14.95

J23.  Shrimp Teriaki       $14.95      

J43.  Eel Cucumber or

         Avocado Roll              $6.95

J44.  Avocado Maki             $4.95

J45.  Salmon or Tuna Maki $5.95

J47.  Tuna Cucumber    

           or avocado Roll        $6.95

J48.  Shrimp Tempura

          Roll                             $6.95



J49.  Avocado Cucumber

         Maki                             $6.95

J50.  California Roll             $6.95



J51  Spicy Tuna Roll           $6.95

J52.  Spicy Salmon Roll      $6.95



J53.  Philadelphia Roll        $7.95

        (Fresh Salmon,Avocado &

         Cream Cheese withTobiko 

         on top)


J54.  Alaska Roll                  $6.95           (Fresh Salmon, Avocado &

           Tobiko Outside)

J55.  Sweet Potato               $6.95

J56.  Orange Dragon Roll  $13.95

         Fresh Salmon, Cucumber

         inside with Sliced Salmon on top



J57.  Red Dragon Roll        $13.95

         Fresh Tuna, Cucumber inside

         with Sliced Tuna on top



J58.  Godzilla Roll              $13.95          Spicy Tuna & Crunch Inside,

          Avocado & Tobiko on top       

J59.  Green Dragon Roll    $13.95

         Broiled Eel & Cucumber Inside,

          with Avocado & Tobiko on top

J60.  Rainbow Roll  (8pcs)$13.95

         Tuna, Salmon, Red Snapper,

          Shrimp, Mackerel over California


J61. Spider Roll (5 pcs)    $13.95

          Soft Shell Crab,Cucumber,

           Avocado & Caviar

J62. Salmon Fashion Roll $10.95


          Fresh Salmon, Tobiko, Cucumber

          & Spicy Mayo



J63. Crocodile Roll (8pcs) $13.95

        Eel & Tobiko on a California Roll



J64.  Fabulous Roll            $13.95

          Shrimp Tempura Roll Inside, Eel,

          Avocado & Tobiko on Top


Pick Up Or Delivery (702)658-2467 / 2998

              Served with Salad & Rice.



J24.  Beef Teriaki            $8.95

J25.  Broiled Eel             $8.95

J26. Shrimp                    $8.95

J27.  Tokyo Fried Chkn  $8.95

J28. Chicken Teriaki       $8.95

J29. Salmon Teriaki       $8.95

J30.  Chicken Katsu       $8.95

J31.  Shrimp Tempura    $8.95                                                             

1. Chicken Bowl                    $4.95



2.  Beef Bowl                         $4.95



3.  Shrimp Bowl                     $5.95

J32.  Salmon Combo    $13.95

J33.  Eel Combo           $13.95

J34.  Maki Combo         $13.95

         California roll, Alaska

           Roll, Tuna Roll

J35.  California Maki     $13.95

         3 California Rolls

J36.  Veggie Combo      $10.95

J37.  Tekka Maki            $13.95

          3  Tuna Rolls

J38.  Sushi A                 $13.95

          6 pcs of Sushi and a

            California Roll

J39.  Trio Sashimi         $13.95

J40.  American Sushi   $13.95


Pick Up Or Delivery (702)658-2467 / 2998

J41.  Sushi Party A                    $49.95

         Cucumber Roll. Tuna Roll, 

         Salmon Roll, Spicy Tuna

         Roll, Futo Maki, Eel Avocado

         Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll,

         California Roll, Oshinko Roll,

         Alaska Roll, Red Snapper,

         Scallion Roll

J42.  Sushi Party C                     $59.95

         Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll,

         Eel Roll, California Roll,

         & sushi- 4 Red Snapper,

         4 Salmon,  Crab Sticks, 4 Eel

         & 4 Tobiko


Thoroughly cooking food of animal origin, including but not limited to beef, eggs, fish, lamb, milk, poultry or shellstock, reduces the risk of food borne ilnesses. Young children, the elderly, and individuals with certain health conditions may be at a higher risk if these foods are consumed raw or undercooked.




 * Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

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